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HR Manager International

Experience: Oil and Gas industry, 5 years and more in various countries and in multinational environment

Experience in preparation of HR policies and procedures, KPIs set up, personnel remuneration and career development plans, establishment of HR departments/division

Knowledge of international labor/employment law

Languages: Advanced English (speaking and writing); Spanish/Arabic would be a preference

Location: Dubai, Amsterdam (other locations can be discussed)

Scope of responsibilities:

-establishment of International HR department;

-preparation of unified HR policies and procedures covering all international locations under one umbrella;

-local HR managers in subsidiaries will be functionally reporting to this position, setting up the KPIs for reporting HR employees;

-setting up KPI system covering all levels from upper management to the lower ranks ensuring that main goals are met;

-preparation of job descriptions/templates for main unified professions;

-recruitment of top managers worldwide;

-preparation of career development plans inside the organization for various types and levels of employees;

-establishment of system of ranks and grades for various positions;

-conducting of periodic surveys to analyze level of payroll plans in different countries;

-supervision of major legal condition in the employment contracts;

-implementation of maintenance system to keep human resources records by designing a filing system, keeping past and current records.

Those ones interested please send your CV to: denisova.mn@newlift.nl

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