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Novomet » Careers
Why work in Novomet?

Why work in Novomet?

We are experts in our business. We are good at ESP technology and innovations. We invent, design, engineer and apply equipment that helps to provide oil and gas. We admit that our people working in Novomet are talented, devoted and dedicated. We have a reputation of hiring only the best from the best. (the best candidates). So our strong points are our technology, our innovations and our people.

What kind of people we are looking for?

We require:

  • motivated, experienced and ambitious;
  • creative and intellectual;
  • innovative and hard working;
  • good team players;
  • versatile and adaptive;
  • reliable and ready to help people.

If you meet the requirements career in Novomet may be for you.

What do we offer?

For people working abroad we are offering:

  • competitive compensation;
  • benefits;
  • fringe and mobility benefits;
  • housing allowance;
  • automobile;
  • mobile allowance;
  • medical insurance;
  • field bonus;
  • schooling
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