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The Engineering Center

The Engineering Center is a part of Novemet’s Research and Development Department. The Center has a laboratory for hydrodynamic tests, a laboratory for tribology and reliability, and a mathematical modeling group.

Our basic research areas are:

  • development of new equipment designs
  • preparation of mathematical models and calculations
  • bench testing of different ESP components
  • testing of pilot and serial equipment for operation in severe conditions
  • authoring calculation methods
  • development and improvement of well operation algorithms

The Engineering Center has benches for testing different ESP components, including:

  • a bench for testing with gassy fluid
  • a bench for hydrodynamic testing of pump stages
  • a bench for testing with abrasive fluid
  • a bench for testing with viscous mixture

Our Engineering Center specialists have extensive experience in the development and implementation of innovative equipment and technologies like: multiphase axial pumps, gas separators resistant to cutting, Novomet Sel-Pro software, and Novomet StartPro software for reliability evaluation.

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