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Currently, Novomet’s methods of manufacturing include: metallurgy, mechanical, assembly of complete downhole ESP equipment, water injection systems, nonstandard technological equipment, and electric motors. Today, Novomet’s monthly manufacturing capacity is 900 complete ESP systems.

The process begins with the preparation of blank pump stages by means of pressing iron-graphite or stainless steel powder. The workshop is equipped with automatic pressing machines with 25, 160, 250, 400 and 700 press tonnage and «Cremer» BS-300-135/e furnaces.

The major advantages of powder metallurgy are: precision blank parts manufacturing, increase of hydrodynamic properties of flow-through chambers by means of providing smooth hydraulic surfaces, and the manufacturing of parts with unique physical-mechanical properties by means of mixing different types of powder.
After the blank pump stages are prepared, the next step is machining. Novemet began machining in 2003, with the purchase of first the automatic machines IVS-200 by MAZAK. It was a 3-line process, each line according to the type of the part:

  • machining of centrifugal powder pump stages
  • machining of head and base parts of gas separators, protectors and motors
  • machining of high-capacity cast pump stages

When choosing equipment, the following objectives were set: improvement of product quality, reduction of production cycle, reduction of product cost, manufacturing process flexibility (meaning minimum changeover time), and minimum time for adjustment to any type of part.

Our machining workshop holds IVS-200 automatic lines for powder stage machining. One line replaced eight turret machines with numerical program controls.

The machining of high-accuracy parts of gas separators, protectors, and motors is performed on the best Austrian and Japanese machines available. Our workshop holds 13 machining centers. Each machine has two spindles, milling and turret heads, a magazine for 100 tools, and a measuring probe. These allow us to perform all types of machining, and gives us increased workshop capacity. Our cast stages contain QTN-250 NEXUS (MAZAK) turret machines for high-capacity pump stages. These machines help increase workshop capacity by double.

We save a great deal of time due to our state-of-the art equipment. For example, the machining of a bearing housing, which is a component of a serial protector, used to take 10 hours and involved 14 different types of machines. With our current machining capacity, we can complete the same task in just 58 minutes. By reducing the volume of equipment, personnel, and manufacturing facilities, we have reduced the total manufacturing cost, and pass the savings on to you, the client.

In 2012, our company purchased two more lines of IVS-200, ten lathe machines QTN-250, and an automatic complex of four machines Integrex300 III ST. Our manufacturing capacity increased from 700 to 900 complete ESP systems per month.
Novomet assembling workshops are equipped with automatic benches for assembling submersible motors, pumps, protectors, gas separators, and gas handlers. All of the components go through rigorous acceptance testing designed by Novomet specialists.

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