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Powder metallurgy

Novomet Metallurgy Manufacturing

Metallurgy manufacturing is one of the most significant departments of the Novomet Company. Our main products are stage blanks for submersible centrifugal pumps for oil production.

The conventional technology used in stage manufacturing is sand casting. Sand casting has limitations such as the inability to provide high accuracy of flow path and required surface roughness.

Novomet specialists have developed and patented the original technology of creating powder part connections. This enables us to form complex shapes, such as detailed parts with internal cavities. We are the first in the world to produce centrifugal pump stages with the help of our powder metallurgy method.

The powder metallurgy technology used in the Novomet Company includes the following operations:

  1. Mix preparation. Blend base powders, alloy elements (Ni, Cr, Mo etc.), and binders to get a specified chemical composition.
  2. Cold press the detailed stage blank parts on automatic presses. As a result of 105 psi (7 ton/cm2) pressure, the blanks have exact dimensions reduplicated into the designated shapes.
  3. Parts are assembled using our patented technology. The parts of the blanks are connected with a special glue agent developed by Novomet specialists.
  4. Heat treatment is applied to assembled blanks in a shielding, nitric-hydrogen gas environment at temperature 2120 ºF (1160 ºС). All stages are penetrated with melted copper during the sintering process to achieve the best operating characteristics.
  5. Inspection is conducted for 100% of the blanks, examining the connection strength after the heat treatment.

Powder metallurgy technology ensures:

  • High manufacturing accuracy of the parts. As a result, stages are balanced so their vibration is decreased and pump reliability is increased in comparison with the similar parts manufactured by cast stages technology.
  • Hydrodynamic smoothness of the surfaces improves pump performance parameters.
  • An ability to manufacture multiple parts, consisting of abrasion and corrosion elements.
  • Powder metallurgy has no negative impact to environment.

For example, a friction pair is made of materials that are created special for reservoir fluid operating conditions so this material has a high abrasion and corrosion resistance. Housings are made of hydro-abrasion and corrosion resistant materials. To operate in very harsh conditions when pumping corrosive fluids, corrosion resistant stage designs have been developed and implemented to serial manufacturing. Diffusers of such stages are made from stainless steel with penetration by melted copper.

Novomet Company is the largest consumer of stainless steel powders in Russia. Stainless steel powders are specially created for operation in reservoir fluids and have high corrosion resistance in hydrochloric solutions and in hydrogen sulfide environments. Working elements have a corrosion-resistant design and don’t become affected by hydro-abrasion wear during operation. They also have an increased run life in harsh operating conditions (i.e. solids, corrosion active fluids, hydrogen sulfide).

Another branch of metallurgy manufacturing activities is the production of abrasion-resistant radial and axial bearings for centrifugal pumps. Bearings made of a tungsten carbide base have an abrasion resistance at the level of hard alloy and Reaction Bonded Silicone Carbide (SiSiC) materials. In addition, this materials has better plastic characteristics and resistance to vibration and impact loads.

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