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SLS-Selective Laser Sintering

Three-dimensional objects produced from powdered materials, using selective laser sintering technology.

Pre-starting procedures

An electronic analog of a part is created by means of any CAD system (AutoCad, Unigraphics, Solid Works etc.) Specialized SLS machine software splits the CAD model into layers with 0.0059” thickness.

Sintering (Production Process)

  1. A powder layer 0.0059” thick is applied on the movable bottom of the SLS machine processing chamber.
  2. The machine’s laser burns the part’s first layer contour.
  3. The movable bottom moves down 0.0059”.
  4. A new layer is applied over the first layer.
  5. The machine’s laser burns the part outline for the second layer and “cauterizes” it to the first layer.
  6. Heating lamps help layers adhere.
  7. The production cycle is repeated until complete formation (sintering) of the new part.
  8. The container is pulled out of the SLS machine with the finished model.
  9. Excess powder is removed by compressed air.
  10. The sintered model, a new physical prototype, is obtained!

Average sintering speed – 0,98”/hour.

It takes 10 hours to manufacture model with dimensions 7,87”х7,87”х7,87”.

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