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April 23, 2018

ESP runlife increased from 137 days to 200+ (and counting) due to new Novomet intake device

Pilot operations of Novomet downhole slotted gravitation filter were held at the RN-Purneftegaz (Rosneft) oilfield.

The well #1879 was chosen for operations, it had 137 days interval between failures and the cause of failure was clogging by solids. Before applying the Novomet's filter, the fluid solids content was approximately 83 mg/L, enough to cause pump clogging. Application of Novomet downhole slotted gravitation filter reduced mean solids content to 77 mg/L. As of today, the runlife exceeds 200 days and the ESP is still operating During the pilot operations, there were no failures due to solids clogging, specified parameters were confirmed, and the results were accepted as successful

Downhole slotted gravitation filter is a new device that combines all the advantages of the slotted filter and the hydrocyclone separator. Upon that the sealing unit is located below the slotted filter.

After ESP start, the fluid passes mainly through the slotted filter because its resistance is much lower. As the clogging of the filter proceeds and, consequently, its resistance increases, hydrocyclone separator starts operating. It plays the role of the safety valve on the bypass line of the slotted filter. Meanwhile, the cleaning of the reservoir fluid continues.

Downhole slotted gravitation filter is designed for operations in wells with solids content up to 1000 mg/L and particle sizes 100, 200, 300 microns, in wells with a high risk of the clogging of the slotted filter due to the presence of micro-fine solids. As well as in wells with scale deposits.

This design is becoming more popular because it allows reaching longer ESP runlife.

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