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Stakeholder engagement

Novomet and its subsidiaries worldwide are continuously working on development of a cooperation system with key stakeholders: we carefully investigate their requirements ad needs striving to build and maintain mutually beneficial relations.

Relationships with stakeholders are built on internal policies and Company standards, including Code of Conduct (can be downloaded here below), law requirements.

Stakeholders are entitled to submit their comments and concerns in writing in the following ways (sample is available):

  • E-mail: law@novomet.ru
  • Hand delivered to correspondence boxes available at the reception area with sign on them: “Comments and Complaints”
  • Post delivered to:
    395, Shosse Kosmonavtov, Perm, 614065, Russia; attention: Legal department
  • By phone:
      +7 (342) 299 75 99, extension: 519, 215, Legal department

Individuals who submit their comments or grievances have the right to request that their name be kept confidential

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