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Novomet » Products » Acceptance Test Benches
Test bench for protectors


Test bench for protectors is designed for filling oil, run-in and conduction of tests of protectors of all known types and housing OD 3.38 to 6.77 in (86 to 172 mm), length is up to 10 ft (3 m) and axial thrust is up to 11000 lb (5 tons).

Test bench composition

  • Metal skid
  • Thrust module
  • Hydraulic-circuit system
  • Compressed air system
  • Air hydrocylinder
  • Shifting system of thrust module
  • Protector holding device (ridgid)
  • Electric hoist
  • Switchboard
  • Tray

Measurable Parameters

  • Frequency and direction of rotation of protector’s shaft from 0 to 100 Hz
  • Shaft torque of thrust module
  • Pressure in oil-dispensing equipment
  • Temperature of oil-discharge line
  • Temperature of oil in heating tank
  • Increase of number of temperature measurement points and installation of surface temperature sensor are available upon the customer request

List of Tests

  • Run-in of protector at idling speed when right-handed and left-handed rotating
  • Testing protector at axial thrust on the shaft when right-handed and left-handed rotating

Software and Control

Software ensures automatic control (as per test procedure) of testing equipment operation, collection of technological data from sensors, visualization of collected data on the screen, storage of testing results in standard data base and printing test record sheets. Software allows conducting selective tests i.e. you can choose only necessary types of tests from given list and also abort current test at any moment. Only PC automatic control of bench is available.


Installation and adjustment of test station is conducted during 5 months from the day of contract signing at the factory of origin expense. Training personnel of test station is conducted by specialists of the factory of origin at site.

Manufacturer's warranty

Warranty period is 12 months from the commissioning date. 

During the warranty period no less 2 times a year calibration and technical maintenance of test station should be conducted.
The manufacturer provides services during warranty and out-of-warranty periods.

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