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Novomet » Products » Complete ESP Systems » Scale preventers and filters

Downhole slotted screen filter

Slotted filter is an intake device whose main function is protection of ESP parts from large amounts of proppant. Downhole slotted screen filter is an ESP component which is assembled with protector and lower pump section.

Fluid filtration is done through the slotted screen, the particles are caught in between the slots. These particles get separated from the smooth filter surface and go down to the dib hole. Filtration rating depends on the gaps in between the slots and varies discretely in between 100…300 mkm.

The shaft has a spiral blade at slotted screen filter base which creates ascending fluid flows and prevents particles settling.

Downhole slotted screen filter is completed with a bypass valve which opens when filter gathers the almost all proppant after well start-up.

Downhole slotted screen filter is manufactured in 338, 362 and 406 series, the length is chosen according to ESP flow rate from 380 to 3800 bpd.

Downhole Slotted Gravitation Filter (SGFD)

Downhole Slotted Hydrocyclone Filter (SGFD) ensures stable operation of ESP system in the well with high solids content represented by sand and proppant. SGFD has slotted filter device, its bypass tube has the hydrocyclonic separator instead of bypass valve. Geometrical parameters of slotted filter and separator are chosen on condition than hydraulic resistance of the latter is much higher. Thus reservoir fluid is treated mainly through the slotted filter with filtering capacity 100…300 mkm. When the filter is clogged by the solids and scales, the flow passes through the separator and solids are retained with size more than 200 mkm. Collected solids are settling in the container or dib hole.

Downhole slotted screen filter (SFD)

Downhole slotted screen filter (SFD) ensures stable operation of ESP system in the wells complicated by sand and proppant, including deviated and horizontal wells. SFD consists of slotted screen, positive seal unit, bypass valve and downhole centralizer. Size of the slot as well as the filtering capacity discretely varies in the range 70…300 mkm. As soon as slots between wire winds are clogged by solids or cemented by scales, the valve opens. So reservoir fluid flow continuity is retained and motor overheating is prevented. Novomet produce SFD of 272, 362 and 406 series. The length of the filter is chosen in accordance with submersible pump capacity which varies in the wide range between 150…30000 bpd.

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