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Novomet » Products » Complete ESP Systems » Downhole equipment
Electric submersible pumps


Electric submersible pump is a part of downhole ESP system. It is installed between tubing and intake device such as Intake of Gas separator.
Reservoir fluid is sucked by the pump through intake device, then it goes to blades of rotating impellers and due to that takes velocity and pressure. Cinetic energy of fluid is converted into its pressure when passing through diffuser flowpath of variable cross-section.

Novomet pumps consist of modular sections and their number depends on the head required.

The main pump parameters are:

  • Flow rate (bpd),
  • head (ft), 
  • efficiency (%),
  • brake horse power (hp).

Pumps are used:
as a part of ESP system – for water and/or reservoir fluid production from oil wells, 
as a part of Water injection systems – to pump water into reservoir. 


The main pumping parts of a pump are impeller and diffuser.
According to the type Pumps can be:
  • centrifugal-vortex;
  • inverted centrifugal-vortex;
  • centrifugal;
  • inverted centrifugal;
  • centrifugal-axial;
  • centrifugal open type.

Pumps can be of different series: NA (272), NB (319), ND (338), NF (362), NH (406), NJ (449), NL (484), NP (535), NR (677) and NT (740).

Pumps can be of:
- FLT – floater type;
- SCMP – semi-compression type;
- CMP – compression type.
There are some modifications in abrasion resistance:
  • AR1 – when solids content does not exceed 175 ptb (500 mg/l) and 
  • AR2 – solids can be up to 350 ptb (1000 mg/l).
Corrosion resistance can be of:
  • CR1, CR2, CR3 and UCR modifications


  1. Broad range of equipment on series and flow rate.
  2. Exclusive slim-line pumps of 272 and 319 series.
  3. Higher reliability because of axial thrust bearing located in Protector, not Pump in all designs.
  4. Higher abrasion resistance due to compression design.
  5. Radial loads are reduced due to calculated optimum intermediate bearings span for each stage type.


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