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Modular protector


Protector being a part of ESP system, performs the following functions:

  • It protects the motor from the well fluid
  • It provides pressure equalization between the motor and the wellbore
  • It carries the thrust load of the pump
  • It compensates motor oil volume during ESP system operation
  • It transfers torque from Motor to Intake devices and Pump


  • Versatile design reduces inventories
  • High-load thrust bearing adds greater pump thrust capacity
  • Ensures extended ESP run life in challenging conditions


Modular Protectors are available in 319, 362, 406, 449, 535 and 677 Series.

They come in either standard (STL) or high load thrust (HL) ratings as well as high temperature (HT) configurations (well ambient temperature is up to 340 °F)

With regard to corrosion-resistant versions, three variants are available: for slightly (CR0), highly (CR2 and CR3) and extremely aggressive fluids (UCR).

The Protector serves as a vital link in the entire assembly and, if not properly applied, it can reduce the overall running life of the system. The purpose of the modular design of protector is to give the Customer the ultimate in flexibility in applying protectors while maintaining all the advantages of additional seals, etc., without duplicating unnecessary parts.

The system consists of a head, base, shaft, seal chamber (either labyrinth or bag type) and a «seal body» which, with the repositioning of a few valves and plugs, allows the protector to be assembled in any one of dozens of possible configurations.

Bag and labyrinth chambers can be connected in «series» or in «parallel»:

  • Series connection is required to ensure that in case one chamber fails, the back-up one will replace it
  • Parallel connection (for bags only) increases oil volume compensation capacity. Total oil volume capacity is the sum of each module oil volume capacity.

Modular Protector by Novomet has many special features that improve performance in wells with highly abrasive-laden fluids. New design of head incorporates special sand diverter system, which allows any sand particles falling from the intake to drop back into the annulus through the drainholes as presented in the picture. Such solution enables Novomet Modular Protector to ensure long run life of the ESP system.

Using the Modular System, the Protector can be designed to meet specific application requirements without unnecessary and expensive duplication of parts.

The Modular Protectors can also be reconfigured easily during the repair cycle to another stack-up without wasting parts.

Detailed specifications of the Modular Protector are avilable by request.

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