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Asynchronous motor

Asynchronous submersible motor is an electromechanical energy converter. Operational principle is based on electromagnetic interaction between rotating magnetic field, created by three-phase current system, supplying from the net to stator winding, and currents, which appear in rotor winding when its conductors are crossed by rotating field. As a result of this interaction between rotor currents and rotating magnetic field the electromagnetic moment, making rotor rotating, occurs.

Novomet Company produces asynchronous submersible three-phase squirrel-cage oil-filled electric motors of different modifications (for operation in harsh environmental conditions, with assembled downhole sensor for ESP system parameters monitoring etc.) 

Rated motors power:

  • 378 series (3.78”/ 96 mm) – from 25 up to 160 hp,
  • 406 series (4.06”/ 103 mm) – from 25 up to 320 hp,
  • 460 series (4.60”/ 117 mm) – from 19 up to 515 hp,
  • 512 series (5.12”/ 130 mm) – from 52 up to 725 hp,
  • 562 series (5.62”/ 143 mm) – from 100 up to 890 hp,
  • 744 series (7.44”/ 189 mm) – from 160 up to 1045 hp.

Motors can have single, double and triple tandem design. 


Electrical asynchronous submersible motor, supplied by 50Hz AC, is intended for continuous operation as a drive of centrifugal submersible pumps for reservoir fluid production from oil wells.  


Motor consists of stator, rotor, head and base. Stator made from tube with magnetic circuit pressed inside. Stator comprises from electric steel plates with heat resistant coating. Stator winding has one layer, broaching, bobbin design constructed by heat resistant winding wire with polyimide fluoroplastic films insulation. Wire phases have Y-connected type. Upon Customer’s request circuit zero-point can have terminal for control system connection. Rotor is squirrel-caged, tandem type.


  • Design reliability
  • Heat resistant materials application
  • High run life
  • Customer’s technical requirements conformity
  • Continual improvement of manufacturing
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