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Permanent magnet motor

In contrast with asynchronous motors, permanent magnet motors have rotor with permanent magnets and special scheme of supply voltage to the stator winding.

Novomet Company produces submersible three-phase oil-filled with permanent magnets on the rotor motors.

Design features

  • one housing inside,
  • all climatic conditions conform, 
  • for different operation conditions, 
  • with downhole monitoring sensors, made by technical requirements for permanent magnet motors.

Rated motors power:

  • 319 series (3.19”/91 mm) – from 23 up to 145 hp,
  • 460 series (4.6”/ 117 mm) – from 19 up to 640 hp,
  • 512 series (5.12”/ 130 mm) – from 51 up to 560 hp.


Electrical permanent magnet submersible motor is intended for continuous operation as a variable drive of centrifugal and centrifugal-vortex submersible pumps for reservoir fluid production from oil wells.


Motor consists of stator with three-phase winding, rotor with permanent magnets, head and base.

Magnetic circuit comprises from electric steel plates with heat resistant coating, pressed into the tubular housing. Stator winding has one layer, broaching, bobbin design constructed by heat resistant Y-connected winding wire with zero-point terminal for ESP parameters control system.

Rotor with permanent magnets is installed into the stator groove on sliding bearings.


Permanent magnet motors benefits vs. Asynchronous motors: 

  1. Higher efficiency factor (from 88 up to 94% depending on motor series).
  2. Less overall dimensions at the same power (as a result – less motor mass).
  3. Energy consumption reduction.
  4. Variable rotation speed range at the constant torque at the shaft (1500-4200 rpm, 4000-6000 rpm).
  5. Reduced heat release.
  6. High reliability.
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