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Skid-mounted VSD

This type of VSD is a fully integrated Skid Base, including the following components on one skid:

  • step-down transformer: 0.4 up to 33 input kV
  • VSD in an air-conditioned compartment
  • step-up transformer: 1...4 kV

Skid has IP55 type of protection against dust, insects,water sprays and designed to fit into a 40 ft High Cube Container or 40 ft Open Top container. The most important features of Novomet Skid-mounted VSD is it’s self-contained design and 12-pulse input voltage rectifier scheme.

A 12 pulse drive has two diode rectification bridges (12 rectifiers) and a 6 phase input. Total harmonic distortion (THD) by current of a 12 pulse drive is usually significantly less than that of 6 pulse system.


  • VSD for very hot and dust climate
  • For wellsites with poor infrastructure
  • Mobile applications
  • Offshore platforms


  • Self-contained unit
  • Compatible with Asynchronous and PMM motors
  • Adaptive motor control modes
  • Operator compartment air conditioned for hot climates orheated for cold
  • Remote control and monitoring system
  • Transfer with standard 40 ft container


  • Enclosure: IP55
  • Twelve diode (12 pulse) input voltage rectifier scheme
  • Input filter (in DC circuit)
  • VSD built-in output sine filter
  • VSD built-in DH sensor system
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply for Controller
  • Electricity meter
Parameter Value
Power supply 33±10% kv/50Hz*
Output voltage, V 480*
Output capacity, kVA 360
Output amperage, A 440
Ambient temperature (+32..+130)°F / (0..+55)°C
VSD compartment protection rating IP55
Frequency range, Hz 0..200±0.1

* by Customers's request

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