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BOP Aftermarket Parts

BOP Aftermarket Parts

Novomet has an advanced production line of rubber seal products for more than 5 years, we has developed a number of techniques and equipment for physical analysis, mechanical performance inspection, stepping high/low temperature testing devices, deep water simulation testing and inspection devices, pressure test devices specialized for factory test, so that Novomet is capable of research and develop rubber seal products for petroleum machinery under any temperature and corrosion conditions.

Novomet can also produce variable bore rams for BOP with specifications variety and all kinds of sealing parts and including packing element, sealing rings, seal parts for pipe rams, seal parts for use in rotary BOPs as well as other seal parts for use in petroleum machinery. We have advanced inspecting instruments and method for rubber performance testing.

Currently, Novomet have developed all models and sizes rams, including integral pipe ram, two-piece pipe ram, elliptic ram, blind shear ram, variable ram, weight-bearing ram, H2S-resistant ram etc. We can develop rubber sealing parts which are suitable for different working conditions.

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