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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Novomet has been designing, manufacturing and developing heating systems for more than 5 years. We have experience in identifying a solution to fulfill all requirements.

Each type of heater (direct and indirect) is specific to your required solution. Each system type has advantages and disadvantages when compared to an alternative type of system. Novomet can help you with the selection process. Direct fired heaters require the selection of suitably low rates of heat flux. Indirect heaters commonly require the careful selection of an appropriate thermal fluid.

Common Applications of Indirect Heaters

  • Crude oil preheating between the head and pipeline
  • Crude oil preheating to separators or de-salters
  • Fuel gas dew-point control systems associated with gas turbine power plants
  • Heating high-pressure hydrocarbon gas streams at pressure reduction stations

We have been a major supplier for over five years in the manufacture of indirect heaters. Our indirect heaters can also operate both on and off shore.

Indirect heaters are predominantly a heater vessel with a heat source within. This is commonly a firetube, fired by gas or oil. The heat source and process coil that heats the fluid are immersed in water, water/glycol, hot oil or a molten salt mix. Novomet produces their process coils from high pressure and corrosion resistant.

We have the experience to provide the design of an indirect heater to suit any heat source available. These heat sources may include oil or gas firing and steam heating.

Novomet Design

Our indirect heaters are available in thermal ratings from 30 000 BTU/hr  to 20x10^6 BTU/hr. Tailor design according to Customer’s requirements. The design of its indirect fired heater is in full compliance with API requirements. High pressure coils can be manufactured to meet the requirements of API 12 K, ASME/ANSI B31-3.

Standard Features

  • Each heater is skid mounted, Heater shell with support saddles and lifting lugs
  • Removable U-bend type firetube
  • Removable firetube stack
  • Removable wellstream flow coil
  • High efficiency burner with pilot light and removable flame arrestor
  • ASME code-stamped.
  • Fuel gas manifold with preheat coil and high and low pressure regulators
  • Pre-piped fuel gas manifold with preheat coil
  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve
  • Temperature controller with thermowell
  • Shell fill connection
  • High quality enamel paint system.
  • Process operation and control completely safe and automatic Thermal insulation of the heater according to operating temperature and climate conditions
  • Assembled and tested before shipment
  • Low maintenance and high reliability
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