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Multi-Reservoir Production

Taking into account the principles of subsoil protection, engineering and economical performance, and different parameters of exposed formations, our dual ESP system designs for multi-reservoir production are promising. Owing to our integrated approach to well operation, these system designs are gaining popularity in Russian markets.


Our dual ESP systems are designed for two production reservoirs in one well. This design consists of two complete ESP systems, giving the client the opportunity to maintain records of produced liquid from each reservoir.


  • Possible expenditure reduction for additional oil well construction
  • Well operation costs saving
  • Increased coverage and multi-zone field development intensity
  • Comparative simplicity of design
  • Possibility of multi-zone production
  • Technology for wells with production casings from 5.5”
  • Application in Novomet serial ESP systems
  • Differential effect on each layer, with the ability to control liquids sampling


  1. When using our ESP system with installation between reservoirs, a packer with cable feed-through system is used.
  2. If it is not possible to install a lower ESP system between reservoirs, a leak-proof shroud is used with the ESP system installed in it.

Fig 1. Dual ESP system configuration scheme.

Completion layout 5-3/4" casing 6-5/8" casing
Upper ESP Lower ESP Upper ESP Lower ESP
Packer between two ESP's 319 series 319, 338, 362 and 406 series 319 series 319, 338, 362 and 406 series
Shrouded ESP 319 series 319 series 319 series 319 series
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