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Extreme H2S Environment Solution

Novomet Ultra-Corrosion ESP systems are designed for extreme H2S conditions. They ensure reliable operation in highly corrosive environments and resistance to sulfide stress corrosion cracking.

Sulfide stress corrosion cracking (SSC) is a form of hydrogen embrittlement cracking that occurs when a susceptible material is exposed to a corrosive environment containing water and H2S at a critical level of applied or residual tensile stress.

All of the materials we use in our designs are chosen based on their performance as the absolute best solutions for Ultra Corrosive environments, in full accordance with International standard NACE MRO 175-2001


  • Wells with high corrosive fluids, H2S, CO2, Cl-, and chemical treatments
  • Sulfide stress corrosion cracking environment


  • Extended ESP run life in harsh H2S wells
  • Available for a wide range of flow rates
  • Operation in high gassy wells
  • Power Save stage designs


  • Operable in ultra corrosive environments
  • Resistance to SSC
  • Extremely aggressive fluid pumping with H2S volume content, more than 6%

Material Specification

Cable: Armor - SS steel 316L AISI

Pump: Corrosion-resistant SS powder stages, Housing -SS steel 316L AISI

Gas-separator: Housing -SS steel 316L AISI

Protector: Housing -SS steel 316L AISI Armor-SS steel 316L AISI

MLE: Housing -SS steel 316L AISI

All miscellaneous equipment, such as MLE guards, cable bands, and couplings are from SS steel 316L AISI

All shafts materials - Monel

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