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PowerSave™ ESP systems

Novomet has a strong focus on new and innovative technologies that provide our customers with the best value and best in class ESP solutions. One of our most recent developments is our «Power Save» technology, which enables customers to save up to 25% of the total ESP system power consumption (compared with conventional ESP systems).


With a conventional ESP design application, typically the overall system efficiency is approximately 39%, with losses totaling 61%.

The losses can be broken down into the following segments:

As detailed in the chart above, the major losses are with the pump and motor (29% and 13% respectively). These figures are relatively consistent in the industry as the conventionalESP system consists of a 3 phase, 2 pole, oil filled induction motor driving a multistage centrifugal pump (using radial or mixed flow type stages).

Novomet has approached this design challenge with the following goals in mind:

  1. Improve overall system power efficiency by 25%.
  2. Long term reliability is the same (when compared to conventional ESP systems).
  3. The «Power Save» system must include a Variable Speed Controller (VSC) option that is compatible with asynchronous and permanent magnet motor.
  4. The «Power Save» system should be available in standard ESP-type configurations to suit “typical” well applications/requirements (eg 300/400/500 series equipment in 5-1/2"to 9-5/8" casing).
  5. Easy installation methodology (the same process as conventional ESP equipment).
  6. Can be installed using existing well completion equipment, ESP power cable, MLE, penetrators, etc.
  7. On a “like for like” basis, the PMM motor is smaller/lighter than the conventional asynchronous motor design

«Power Save» technology incorporates two important design factors that differentiatethe system from conventional equipment. These are:

  • Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)
  • High Efficiency Pump stage design using different geometry

«Power Save» Features & Benefits

«Power Save» is designed to bring a number of benefits to the customer, including:

  • Lower power consumption – lower cost of production/ lower OPEX.
  • Lower dimensions of «Power Save» systems – lower time of installation procedures.
  • Lower workover/rig cost – increased production uptime.
  • Competitive pricing with conventional ESP systems.
  • Total “cost of ownership” (including: purchase price + OPEX + repair costs) of «Power Save» ESP systems is less than conventional ESP systems.

How these benefits are achieved:

«Power Save» pumps are designed to rotate at higher RPM than a conventional system, resulting in higher pump efficiency.

«Power Save» incorporates a number of enhanced, fit-for-purpose parts and components, including:

  • Advanced stage geometry and upgraded materials for shaft, stages, and bearings.
  • Integration of high efficiency (94%) Novomet Permanent Magnet Motors (standard asynchronous motor efficiency is 84%).

Permanent Magnet Motors Design Features

PMM is a synchronous motor, thus rotor slip is zero (in a traditional asynchronous induction motor, the rotor slip is approximately 6%).

The rotor is equipped with permanent magnets with two ports where north and south interlace with one another. Rotor magnets are made from rare-earth alloys.

To optimize efficiency and minimize stator losses, the stator laminations are made from Novomet proprietary material. The stator is filled with a special, high temperature epoxy (rating @ 395 oF), which significantly increases the insulation resistance (by 10 times).

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