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Rigless ESP System (without tubing)

There is a great demand for these systems as a result of the increased use of offshore fields. But there are some onshore applications for our system.

But there are some onshore applications for the system.

Projects using cable-deployed ESP systems showed remarkable reduction in workover cost if compared to conventional tubing-deployed systems.


  • Offshore ESP wells
  • Heavy-going location of oil fields
  • Rig unavailability
  • High well work-over OPEX
  • Application of rigless ESP for water injection

This equipment was designed for oil and water production and Operating Costs reducing.

Design Features

  • Packer included
  • ESP with a tail pipe
  • Carrying cable
  • Christmas tree

First, the packer is set at certain depth.

Then, the cable-deployed ESP system is inserted into the hole and set on the packer. When the ESP starts, it takes fluid from below the packer and discharges it up to the wellhead.


  • No need to use conventional jointed tubing. The weight of the whole system is much less.
  • RIH and POOH operations do not require manual assistance, thus workover operations are safer and take less time – no need to joint the tubing.
  • Total efficiency of the system increases due to less hydraulic losses in the flow path and gaslift effect.
  • Less metal content.
  • Operating expenditures are reduced.


  • breaking strength of the carrying cable - up to 250 kN;
  • heat resistance of the carrying cable – up to 266 °F (130 °C).
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