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Scale Management Solutions

Scale deposition is a frequent cause of ESP failures. Novomet has approached this problem with our own innovative solutions:


Scale Preventer


  • One of the most efficient ways of keeping wells healthy from scale deposition.
  • Cost-effective, in comparison with other scale prevention techniques.
  • Easy to install, does not require additional tools or manpower.
  • Includes sizing software designed to ensure complete match of equipment to application conditions.

Novomet has developed a downhole unit for dosing scale-inhibiting compositions as a solution for treating formation fluids to prevent non-organic scale depositions on ESP impellers and diffusers. We offer two types of units for solid and liquid scale inhibitors.

For solid inhibitors, tubes are filled with solid scale inhibitor and a calibrated port is installed at the bottom of the tube. During ESP operation formation fluid flows into the downhole unit through perforations, the solid scale inhibitor is dissolved and gets mixed with the formation fluid. The dissolved inhibitor molecules are absorbed on crystal-forming nuclei, thus preventing their growth and deposition on ESP impellers, diffusers, and equipment surface.

For liquid inhibitors, the unit includes a tube filled with encapsulated liquid scale inhibitor and a metering port. The number of sections is sized according to the well flow rate.

Encapsulated liquid scale inhibitor is a complex of inhibitor-filled capsules made of polymeric semipermeable membranes, size 50-100 mkm. The formation fluid flows through the metering port into the unit, enters the capsules, dissolves the inhibitor and flows out. The dissolved inhibitor leaves the unit through the metering port and goes to the pump intake. In the tubing inhibitor, molecules are absorbed on crystal forming nuclei, thus preventing their growth and deposition on ESP impellers, diffusers, and equipment surfaces.

Novomet scale preventer is an integral solution involving several aspects

Step 1 – Analysis

  • Analysis of well conditions: flow rate, fluid properties, water cut, temperature, averagerun time and target run time.

Step 2 – Design

    • Novomet applies special software to select downhole units based on analysis.

Step 3 – Manufacturing and Installation

  • Novomet ensures 100% incoming and outgoing quality control of all system components.
  • Installation of the unit is an easy process if installation instructions are followed.

Step 4 – Monitoring and Control

  • Regular fluid sampling and testing.
  • Analysis of samples to verify that inhibitor concentration is not less than minimum, as written in product certificates.

Scale Protective Coating

For extreme corrosive conditions, Novomet applies our special Scale Protective Coating. The aim of this procedure is to extend ESP run life and prevent ESP failures due to scale deposition on impellers and diffusers.


  • Wells with scaling problems


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Significantly increases ESP system run life by 2.5 times in scale challenging conditions
  • Method of coating application proved to be very reliable as operation results show that there are no cases of coating delaminating


  • Special anti-scale coating applied.
  • Coating is applied by cathodic, electro-deposition method to ensure a very smooth surface regardless of original surface condition.
  • No pores.
  • High adhesion of coating to metal.


  • Available in all series.
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