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Smart Oil Well


  • Oil production optimization


  • Minimizes human factor influence on commission and operation
  • Reduction of expenses related to low-quality commissioning
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Enhances production
  • Ensures complete system optimization
  • Maximizes well uptime


  • VSD smart software, with complex adaptive algorithms of control
  • Downhole sensor system: enhanced version
  • VSD data handling ability

To optimize oil production and boost ESP system reliability, Novomet has developed Smart Oil Well solutions based on complex control algorithms. These cover:

  • Commissioning, operation and cycle mode at best efficiency Ppoint (BEP), thus leading to significant savings in power consumption, namely 15-20% vs. operation beyond BEP.
  • Cautious commissioning when lift of solids from the bottom-hole zone is avoided, enabling increase of run life during operation.
  • Commissioning with maximum production: start of operation within the shortest possible period reaching maximum flow rate.
  • Maximum flow rate when recommended operating range is maintained.
  • Cycliс operation: set time limits for operation and accumulation or cycling mode is determined automatically to ensure maximum flow rate.

This complex approach helps optimize ESP system operations, increase reliability and save on OPEX due to significant reduction of power consumption.

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