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Bypass (Y-tool) System


Our bypass system allows production from several reservoirs. It also enables access with logging tools to make the measurements of every reservoir without workover and during ESP operation in the well.


When carrying out the well survey, proceed as follows:

  1. Shutdown the ESP system.
  2. Remove the blanking plug with a slickline tool.
  3. Attach the logging plug on the geophysical instrument, and insert into the hole. The logging plug will get fitted in its seat.
  4. Start the ESP system.
  5. Perform the survey when pulling logging tool.
  6. Shutdown the ESP system.
  7. Remove geophysical cable with logging plug and tools.
  8. Install blanking plug.
  9. Restart the ESP system.

Benefits and Features

  • Application in 53/4" or greater casing
  • Enables access below the ESP system without removing it
  • Protection of the ESP system during natural-flowing or bull-heading operations
  • Enables PLT surveys when the ESP system is operating with different production
Casing size, in ESP series Max. diameter of logging tool, in   Max. flow rate, bpd
5-3/4 319 1.102 1570
6-5/8 338 1.339 1250
7 319 2.087 1570
7 338 1.654 1250
9-5/8 535 2.283 6300
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