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Novomet ESP Calculator

Novomet ESP Calculator

All oilfield specialists require ESP product catalog to be constantly up-to-date. However, very often printed version becomes out of date by the moment of printed version release. Novomet has developed an interactive ESP catalog: “ESP calculator”. It allows to monitor changes of characteristics both of an ESP  system and a pump stage. Also you need to put in the minimum number of parameters. It allows to monitor changes of characteristics both of an ESP system and a pump stage. Also you need to put in the minimum number of parameters.


  • English and Russian user interface;
  • Units can be of SI or USC measurement system;
  • Data base with all pump stages (2.17”- 7.40”) characteristics by Novomet is available.
  • Change of number of stages or pump head;
  • Change of frequency (Hz) or RPM of shaft rotation;
  • Change of density of pumped fluid;
  • Selection of type and yield strength of a shaft;
  • Selection of frequency range with a requested frequency or rpm interval;
  • Scaling of pump characteristics;
  • A hint arising by a mouse click reflects main parameters of pump characteristics in the point indicated by an user;
  • Printing, saving pdf or any other wide spread graphics format of requested characteristic of selected pump is available;
  • Comprehensive user’s manual.

Qualification of specialists for working with software is minimal; it does not require special training.
If complications occur during the work you can use the detailed user’s manual. Also any question or suggestion on development of this product could be addressed to company’s specialist both via phone and e-mail.

Having this tool for working with ESP characteristics oil field specialists are able to simplify their job
significantly and understand operation of pumping equipment not involving other specialists. Therefore
number of mistakes related with selection of old equipment is being reduced.

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