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Software for ESP sizing/simulation and optimization of the system "Reservoir – Well – ESP system"

This product aims to process wide scope of works in oil production.

The core of the software was formed by calculation module for determining correlations of secondary (physical) fluid parameters (viscosity, density, heat capacity) depending on such initial data as watercut, gas content, oil parameters, flow structure and modes.

All these correlations can be represented in illustrative diagrams, if required.


  1. IPR curve is drawn according to changes of pay zone permeability caused by gas bubbling.
  2. Calculation of productivity index and bottomhole pressure can be obtained through:
    • current ESP parameters
    • fluid dynamic level
    • pump intake pressure
  3. Cycling ESP simulation.
  4. Recalculation of fluid dynamic level through pump intake pressure (based on downhole sensor data).
  5. Focused to operate near Best Efficiency Point.
  6. Analysis of ESP system operation.
  7. Start-up calculation for selected ESP.
  8. Sizing of optimal design of taper ESP.
  9. Sizing for composite casing and tubing.
  10. Calculation of ESP and tubing bending during run in hole.
  11. Sizing and selection of solid and encapsulated Scale Preventer.
  12. Simulation of pumping highly viscous fluids.
  13. It is possible to do sizing based on user input production rate and pump setting depth as well as to optimize them automatically.
  14. 39 different graphic diagrams for representing fluid parameters from bottomhole to the wellhead.
  15. Prediction of number of stages running out of the recommended operating range.
  16. Assessment of ESP parameters reaction on changing input conditions.
  17. 3D model of the well is used.
  18. Simple and user friendly interface.
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