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Novomet Stat Pro


  • ESP Reliability and Forecasting


  • Accurate calculations as the program takes into account not only failed equipment, but as well running one based on statistical analysis
  • The program provides accurate data about projected run times even when the number of running units exceeds the number of failed ones. This has been verified by a significant number of case studies.
  • The program allows to obtain data regarding reliability of the whole ESP system or its parts
  • Based on the analysis it is possible to take a decision what actions shall be performed to increase run lives, e.g. major failure causes were due to scaling problems. Implementation of the dosing unit with scale inhibitor can help increase the run time by this %, all of these options can be simulated
  • The Customer may run and maintain his own data base

Features: The program calculates:

  • Survival function-proportion of equipment that would work without failure during operating time
  • Mean time to failure-time when 50% of units will be working
  • It builds accurate forecasts about ESP reliability
  • It makes forecasts of failures dynamics starting from a specified date
  • ESP structural analysis (general reliability, operational and design reliability)

Novomet STAT PRO is an ideal solution enabling both ESP vendors and oil operators to enhance ESP performance and increase run times by identification and analysis of the following parameters:

  • Duration of run-lives
  • Weak points of equipment
  • Major operating factors which cause failures

To perform the above mentioned processes, the here below data is used:

  • Operating time, days (run-life, days)
  • Status: still in operation or pulled out
  • Reasons of failures
  • Pulled out equipment condition – teardown results, results of ESP system components inspection

Basic steps of analysis are as follows:

  • Calculating of ESP systems run-lives
  • Specification of all reasons shortening run-life
  • Calculation of appearance probability of each factor causing failures, determination of major problems
  • Calculating of reliability of ESP systems components
  • Development of recommendations concerning improvement of equipment and increase level of operating times
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