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Water applications

General information

Since 2002 Novomet manufactures pumping units for water production, injection and treatment systems. Installed water applications have successful results on the fields of major Russian clients as LLC «Lukoil-Perm", LLC "LUKOIL-Komi", LLC "Gazpromneft-Khantos, Inc." VTC " and etc. All water applications are divided into two types: horizontal and vertical designs. In turn the horizontal design is divided into two versions with surface drive and downhole ESP motor in horizontal casing.


pumping systems for water applications are intended for reservoir pressure maintenance by means of water injection into formation. HSPS can be used as well for crude oil and process water field transfer. 

  • Produced water disposal and injection
  • CO2 injection/booster
  • Geothermal projects
  • Coalbed methane fracturing
  • Crude oil transfer and pressure boosting
  • Pipeline booster
  • Mine dewatering
  • Power fluid boosting for hydraulic lift systems> Seawater disposal/water flooding> Secondary and tertiary oil recovery projects> Water production> Jet pumping for oil wells> Individual fluid injection into the wells> Water and Gas bed stimulation system

Design types:

1. Horizontal surface pumping systems with surface drive. . 

Technical specifications:

  • Flow rate:      up to 38 000 bpd
  • Discharge pressure up to 5000 psi
  • Intake pressure           up to 230 psi
  • Motor power capacity up to 1000 hp

Parallel assembly of several HSPS enables to increase max. flow rate.

2. Booster HSPS with downhole ESP motor in horizontal casing.

Technical specifications

  • Flow rate:                     up to 38 000 bpd. 
  • Discharge pressure up to 5000 psi
  • Intake pressure up to 3000 psi
  • Motor power capacity up to 1000 hp

During water system operation there are no any leakages to external environment due to the casing in casing application.

Parallel assembly of several HSPS enables to increase max. flow rate.

All systems are equipped with required shut-off-and-regulating valves, filters , pressure/temp and flow rate gauges.

As per Customer requirements HSPS can be supplied in enclosure that fences all water system components. Enclosure is comprised of several separate modules, that enables to handle it by means of vehicles, sea and rail transport.

Aside of design type all enclosured water application systems are equipped with all necessary tools required for operation and performance/operation monitoring and control, starting from a system of  fluid metering and treatment (supply pipeline) and completing with a system of telemechanics and operation remote control (radio and satellite communication), including fire alarm and extinguishing systems.

Ventilation and climate control systems are included as well. Hoisting gears system enables to conduct installation and repair operations with no need of external devices using.

Water injection system control is carried out by an Operator via touch-screen panel, that allows to keep track of all the parameters. Control software can interact with others automatic process control systems. 

3. Submersible water injection systems. Inverted ESP design.

Vertical water injection systems are intended for injection of fresh, reservoir and process water into formation. Submersible water systems are based on standard Novomet product line, that allows to reduce manufacturing time and enhance quality of services. Such application enables to decrease costs for high-pressure pipelines and losses in case of pipeline break and increase reliability and environmental safety.

4.  Submersible water production/injection systems with surface drive. Pit casing design

Flange type surface motor is used to drive the pump installed in leak-proof pit casing.         Pit casing production/injection system design can be applied with submersible motor.

5. Equipment for water production 

Novomet manufactures submersible ESP systems of corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant design with rated flow rate from 100 to 38 000 bpd. 

6. Equipment for water-gas injection into reservoir 

Novomet manufactures systems based on HSPS and jet pump for water-gas injection into reservoir.

7. Equipment for associated gas utilization by means of injection into formation

Novomet produces systems based on HSPS and jet pump for associated gas utilization by means of injection into reservoir.

Novomet water application systems benefits in comparison with other system

  1. Modular design (enables transfer equipment to another location); 
  2. High run life value (up to 900 days);
  3. Long periods between planned preventive maintenance repairs (up to 365 days);
  4. Short time required for installation and commissioning (up to 14 days);
  5. Every water system is completely tested at the manufacturer’s site.  
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